Services Australia Announces New Access to Veterans’ Services via myGov App

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Veteran Services Now Available on the myGov App, Announces Services Australia

Services Australia has recently enhanced the myGov app to include veteran services, thanks to a substantial funding increase in the federal budget. This addition aims to provide veterans with a more streamlined and efficient way to access crucial services.

Improved Digital Access for Veterans

In collaboration with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA), around 300,000 former military personnel can now access their veteran cards digitally via myGov’s digital wallet. These cards enable access to funded treatments for medical and mental health conditions, injuries, and other support services.

Comprehensive Service Management

The integration includes more than just digital wallets. DVA’s MyService platform, enabling veterans to apply for and manage pensions as well as submit health claims, is now accessible through myGov. This consolidated platform ensures veterans can manage all their service needs in one place.

Simplified Digital Wallet

Veteran cards—both white and gold—will be displayed alongside other essential services such as Medicare, Centrelink, and international COVID-19 vaccination certificates within the myGov app. This integrated approach simplifies the access and management of various government services.

Official Statements and Funding Details

During a recent doorstop interview, Minister for Veteran Affairs Matt Keogh described the integration as a “significant change” and noted that 250,000 veteran cardholders have already linked MyService to myGov.

The recent federal budget has allocated $580 million over four years for maintaining and developing myGov, which translates to about $145 million annually. This funding aims to provide ongoing stability and development for a key component of national service delivery infrastructure.

National Digital ID Initiative

Additionally, $288.1 million has been allocated for the rollout of a national digital ID. Minister for Government Services Bill Shorten highlighted the progress made recently but did not provide a specific timeline for when digital IDs would be integrated into myGov.


The recent updates to the myGov app mark a major advancement in providing streamlined digital services for veterans. The integration of veteran services into the app, supported by substantial federal funding, aims to simplify access to vital healthcare and pension management for former military personnel. Future developments may include the addition of a national digital ID, further increasing the app’s utility.

Q&A Session

1. What is the purpose of integrating veteran services into myGov?

The integration aims to provide veterans with easier and more efficient access to essential services such as healthcare, pension management, and support for injuries and mental health conditions.

2. How many veterans will benefit from this integration?

Approximately 300,000 former military personnel stand to benefit from this integration.

3. What services are available through the new integration?

Veterans can access their veteran cards digitally through myGov’s digital wallet and use DVA’s MyService platform to apply for and manage pensions and submit health claims.

4. How does this integration simplify service access for veterans?

By consolidating multiple services into a single platform, veterans can manage their healthcare and pension needs more efficiently without needing to navigate multiple websites or applications.

5. What other services are available through the myGov app?

Besides veteran services, myGov also provides access to Medicare, Centrelink, and international COVID-19 vaccination certificates.

6. What is the significance of the $580 million funding?

This funding ensures ongoing development and maintenance of the myGov platform, ensuring it remains a stable and essential element of national service delivery infrastructure.

7. What is the national digital ID initiative?

The national digital ID initiative aims to create a unified digital identity system that simplifies access to various government services. A funding of $288.1 million has been allocated for this rollout.

8. When will the national digital ID be integrated into myGov?

While significant progress has been made, there is currently no specific timeline for when the national digital ID will be integrated into myGov.

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