JBL Flip 6 Review: Bigger Sound, Longer Battery, Similar Design Flaws

The latest addition to JBL’s iconic Flip speaker series include a number of enhancements that increase enjoyability of the product. Unfortunately, some lingering design flaws from older models (and a few new ones) hamper an otherwise excellent waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

This article is updated for the Australian market regularly to include price changes and product updates.

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The Flip 6 adds fun to the party, but also frustration

If you can put up with minor design flaws, the Flip 6 may be the speaker for you. While expensive, the Flip will do the job for parties or social gatherings.

PRO: JBL deliver a product that works straight out of the box

  • The Flip 6 turns on and pairs easily. Thankfully JBL have included multi-point Bluetooth and extended 13 hour battery life (9 hours real world use) in their latest model
  • Devices will need to be in pairing mode in order to find the Flip 6, but should not have issues after connecting
  • Up to 2 devices can connect simultaneously though only one device can transmit at a time

PRO: Big sound and bass for raucous parties

  • The sound profile of the Flip 6 is loud and distortion free and medium volume levels
  • Rumbling bass is a lot of fun, and using multiple speakers amplifies the effect
  • There may be some distortion when listening to podcasts, as bass can drown out vocals

CON: Odd design decisions lead to some annoyances

  • The Flip 6 has a cylindric shape, and rolls around too easily
  • Small rubberized feet are inbuilt, but ultimately ineffective in stabilising the wireless speaker
  • Fabric begins to fray around the edges, as the tapered design begins wearing down the material after several uses
JBL Flip 6 review Australia
The JBL Flip 6 rolls around too easily, and speaker fabric begins to wear around the edges after a just few uses

CON: Expensive for a Bluetooth speaker, there are be better values in Australia

  • Though the Flip 6 provides a good experience, it is expensive compared to competitor products
  • Bluetooth speakers have come down in price, and added new features such as power bank capabilities and smart speaker tech
  • Don’t expect all the bells and whistles from JBL on the Flip 6

Where to buy the JBL Flip 6 Bluetooth speaker in Australia

The sixth installment of the Flip series Bluetooth speaker has powerful sound, and works well for a beach day or backyard barbecue. Australian buyers need be aware, some design flaws call into question durability. JBL are not an Australian company, and so support is handled overseas for Aussie customers. If you are ready to consider a nearly $200 price point for a wireless speaker, JBL may be a good choice.


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