McGrath Estate Agents’ Head of Technology Steps Down Unexpectedly

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McGrath Estate Agents’ Head of Technology Unexpectedly Resigns

McGrath Estate Agents' Head of Technology Steps Down Unexpectedly

Darren Warner

Quick Read

  • Darren Warner, head of technology at McGrath Estate Agents, has left the company.
  • During Warner’s tenure, there were substantial advancements in digital transformation and improvements in cyber security.
  • The company has a temporary replacement, but the name has not been revealed.
  • McGrath Estate Agents were recently bought by Knight Frank and Bayleys.

Darren Warner’s Exit

McGrath Estate Agents has undergone a notable shift in its leadership with the exit of Darren Warner, who was the head of technology. Warner leaves after an impactful two-year period during which he spearheaded major digital transformation efforts and enhanced cyber security measures.

Accomplishments During Warner’s Tenure

While at McGrath, Warner and his team successfully completed significant projects such as introducing new digital capabilities, developing new applications, implementing automation processes, upgrading cyber security, and launching a new website. These efforts have evidently improved McGrath’s operational efficiency and security stance.

Upcoming Plans for Darren Warner

In a LinkedIn post, Warner revealed his decision to leave and shared his enthusiasm for pursuing new opportunities to advance digital transformation in different organizations. A company representative mentioned that his departure was effective at the end of May and extended best wishes for his future endeavors.

Interim Replacement

Though McGrath currently has a temporary fill-in for Warner’s position, the person’s identity is not publicly known. The real estate company is anticipated to officially reveal a permanent successor shortly.

Purchase by Knight Frank and Bayleys.

In addition to the structural changes, McGrath Estate Agents was purchased by Knight Frank and Bayleys, who obtained a controlling interest at the end of June. As a result of this acquisition, McGrath was removed from the ASX, signifying a new era for the real estate firm.


The exit of Darren Warner from his role as head of technology at McGrath Estate Agents signifies an important shift for the company. During his time, the company made substantial progress in digital transformation and cyber security. Presently, the firm is functioning with an interim head of technology as it searches for a permanent successor. Moreover, the company’s recent acquisition by Knight Frank and Bayleys has added to its changing environment.

What significant accomplishments did Darren Warner achieve while at McGrath Estate Agents?

During his tenure of two years at McGrath, Warner led initiatives for digital transformation which encompassed the implementation of new digital capabilities, development of applications, establishment of automation processes, enhancements in cyber security, and the creation of a new website.

Q: What prompted Darren Warner to depart from McGrath Estate Agents?

Warner revealed on LinkedIn that he is looking for new opportunities to lead digital transformation efforts in other companies. His departure became effective at the end of May.

Who is succeeding Darren Warner at McGrath?

The company has appointed a temporary replacement for Warner’s position, whose name has not been disclosed. A permanent successor is anticipated to be announced shortly.

What effect did the purchase by Knight Frank and Bayleys have on McGrath Estate Agents?

The acquisition resulted in McGrath being removed from the ASX, indicating a major change in the company’s corporate structure and governance.

Q: In what way has McGrath Estate Agents’ cybersecurity stance evolved under Warner’s leadership?

Warner implemented numerous improvements in cyber security to protect the company’s digital assets and secure client information.

What are Darren Warner’s upcoming plans?

Warner is seeking new opportunities to advance business growth through digital transformation in other areas.


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