Insignia Financial Reveals Ambitious New Cybersecurity Plan for a New Beginning

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Insignia Financial Introduces New Cybersecurity Initiative | TechBest

Insignia Financial Unveils New Cybersecurity Plan

Quick Read

  • Insignia Financial embarks on a new chapter in cyber security investment.
  • An ASX-listed superannuation fund is looking for a new head of cyber security.
  • Allocated budget and operational framework for the new cybersecurity strategy.
  • The existing cyber team is crucial in protecting assets.

Insignia Financial, a superannuation fund listed on the ASX, is making substantial progress in its cyber security initiatives by allocating resources to a thorough upgrade of technology and procedures. This ambitious action marks the onset of a renewed dedication to enhanced security and resilience within the company.

New Cyber Security Leadership

Insignia Financial is seeking a new head of cyber security strategy and governance as part of its forward-thinking approach. The chosen candidate will be responsible for designing the company’s cyber security framework, with the support of a dedicated budget and an approved operating model.

The job listing emphasizes this position as a chance for a new beginning, allowing the incoming leader to influence the future direction of cyber security at Insignia Financial.

Existing Cybersecurity Framework

Appointed as the general manager of cyber security in October, James Ng is currently spearheading the overall strategy. His leadership ensures that the cyber team plays a crucial role in protecting the organisation’s information assets and reducing cyber risks.

Insignia Financial Reveals Ambitious New Cybersecurity Plan for a New Beginning

A New Beginning for Cyber Resilience

The newly appointed head of cyber security will play a crucial role in developing a strong framework that enhances resilience against cyber threats. This position involves not only upholding current standards but also advancing the company’s abilities to tackle future challenges.

The company’s proactive approach underscores its commitment to upholding the highest standards of security and safeguarding its members’ information and assets.


Insignia Financial’s commitment to a new wave of cybersecurity signifies a major advancement in boosting resilience and defense. By recruiting fresh leadership and designating specific resources, the firm is well-prepared to tackle and surmount upcoming cyber threats adeptly.

What is the primary objective of Insignia Financial’s newly implemented cyber strategy?

The primary objective is to enhance security and resilience by updating the organization’s technology and procedures.

Who is currently heading the cyber strategy at Insignia Financial?

James Ng, the general manager of cybersecurity, has been leading the overall strategy since October.

What kind of support will be available to the new head of cybersecurity?

A: The new leader will receive a specific budget and an authorized operating model, allowing them to establish a strong cybersecurity structure.

Why has Insignia Financial decided to invest in this new strategy?

The goal of the investment is to enhance resilience against cyber threats and to protect the organization’s information assets effectively.

Q: In what ways does this approach advantage the members of Insignia Financial?

By strengthening the security framework, the company guarantees improved safeguarding of members’ data and assets against possible cyber threats.

Where can an individual submit an application for the role of head of cyber security?

Interested candidates can apply via job portals like Seek by looking up CISO positions or visit TechBest for the latest information.


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