Brass Monkey Fridge Review: Budget-friendly Dual Freezer/Fridge

If you’re a lover of the great outdoors and are constantly on the move, then a portable fridge freezer is an essential item for your camper van. The 25L Brass Monkey Fridge is an excellent companion on your next weekend trip as it will provide fresh food and drinks during the trip.

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Brass Monkey Fridge Review
25L Brass Monkey Fridge Review : Ultra Portable Dual Freezer/Fridge

25L Brass Monkey Portable Fridge : Budget Friendly and Works Great with Minor Imperfection

Keep your food and drinks cold for day trips and light-packed weekenders with the 25L Brass Monkey Fridge. Despite being relatively small, this compact portable fridge features just enough space appropriate for day trips and light-packed weekenders. The Brass Monkey Fridge is suitable for 12V systems, and it has a three-stage low battery cutout to prevent damage to your battery from overcharging. Additionally, the Brass Monkey Fridge has two compartments (i.e. being freezer and fridge) and its features include digital temperature controls, USB port, touch controls, and low energy consumption. 

Although the unit is relatively small and light (at approximately 12.1Kg), the Brass Monkey Fridge still has outstanding cooling power. Moreover, due to the high-density foam insulation, the Brass Monkey Fridge freezer can chill your food down to -20C. Notwithstanding, it appears that the insulation may not be thick enough as, under extreme heat, there would be condensation on the surface of the fridge.

PRO: Budget friendly and works great

  • Relatively cheaper than similar models from peers such as Engel and Dometic
  • Features two compartments that can be used as either a fridge or freezer
  • Temperature ranges from +20°C to −20°C
  • Comes with 3-years warranty
  • Brass Monkey app controlled

CON: Relatively thin insulation

  • Condensation appearing under extreme heat due to thin insulation
Brass Monkey Fridge Review
Brass Monkey Fridge features Digital Temperature Display and USB Port

CON: Not suitable for large group or longer trip

  • Having a capacity of 25L, Brass Monkey Fridge is not suitable for big family or longer trip

Where to buy the Brass Monkey Fridge in Australia

The Brass Monkey Fridge is reasonably priced and costs approximately one third less than their peers such as Engel or Dometic, for the same size, which is fairly good value if your budget is limited. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly portable fridge that will keep your food and drinks cool for few days, look no further. The Brass Monkey Fridge is a good option for your forthcoming weekend trip. 


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