UE Boom Durable Outdoor Speakers Receive USB-C Update and Environmentally Conscious Redesign

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UE Boom’s Rugged Outdoor Speakers Now Feature USB-C and an Eco-Friendly Design Overhaul

UE Boom Durable Outdoor Speakers Receive USB-C Update and Environmentally Conscious Redesign

Quick Read

  • UE Boom speakers are now equipped with USB-C ports to facilitate faster and more efficient charging.
  • The newest models incorporate environmentally friendly materials.
  • The UE BOOM app has a Megaphone feature that enables users to project their voice using the speaker.
  • Possible misuse of the Megaphone feature in public areas.

USB-C Upgrade

Ultimate Ears (UE) has enhanced its well-liked Boom outdoor speakers by equipping them with USB-C ports, improving the charging experience. This contemporary connector takes the place of the outdated Micro-USB, offering quicker charging times and increased convenience for users. The USB-C connector is recognized for its reversible design, simplifying the process of plugging it in, even in dim lighting.

Eco-Friendly Makeover

To minimize environmental impact, UE has used eco-friendly materials in the design of its latest Boom speakers. These materials consist of recycled plastics and sustainable fabrics, reflecting global trends in eco-friendly technology products. This strategy aims to attract environmentally aware consumers.

New Megaphone Feature

The new Megaphone feature in the UE BOOM app converts compatible speakers into voice amplifiers. By tapping a button in the app and speaking into their phone, users can project their voice through the speaker. While perfect for gatherings and outdoor events, this feature may also be misused in public areas, potentially causing disturbances.

Availability and Compatibility

The latest features are accessible on all speakers that are compatible with the UE BOOM app. This pertains to both current models via a software upgrade and newly launched speakers that have these features already installed.


Ultimate Ears has substantially upgraded their Boom series of durable outdoor speakers by integrating USB-C charging ports and utilizing sustainable materials. Furthermore, the addition of the Megaphone feature through the UE BOOM app offers a distinct method to amplify your voice, despite possible drawbacks in public environments.

Q&A Section

Q: What is the primary benefit of transitioning to USB-C for UE Boom speakers?

A: The main benefit is quicker and more efficient charging, coupled with the ease of a reversible plug.

Q: What sustainable materials are incorporated in the latest UE Boom speakers?

A: The latest models include recycled plastics and eco-friendly fabrics.

Q: Can you explain how the Megaphone feature functions?

A: Users have the option to enable the Megaphone feature by tapping a button within the UE BOOM app and speaking into their phone, after which their voice is broadcasted through the speaker.

Q: Are there any issues associated with the Megaphone feature?

A: Yes, there is a possibility of improper use in public areas, which might cause disruptions.

Q: Can the Megaphone feature be used on all UE Boom speakers?

A: The feature is accessible on all speakers compatible with the UE BOOM app, available via a software update for existing models and pre-installed on new ones.

Q: Is the USB-C upgrade available for previous versions of UE Boom speakers?

A: No, older models won’t get a hardware upgrade to USB-C, but they can still take advantage of software updates such as the Megaphone feature.

Q: In what ways does the shift towards sustainable materials correspond with contemporary trends?

A: The adoption of recycled and sustainable materials is in line with global trends favoring environmental sustainability and attracts eco-conscious consumers.

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