Theragun Pro Review: Powerful but Expensive

Similar to other percussion massagers available in the market, the Theragun Pro provides the relief of a hands-on massage as well as alleviates tension and soreness through percussive pressure at variable speeds.

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Theragun Pro Review
Theragun Pro Review : top-of-the-line massage gun (1,750 – 2,400 PPM)

Theragun Pro Review: Powerful High-End Massage Gun

Massage guns have become increasingly popular in recent year, helping users, whether a pro athlete or just someone who hunches over a desk all day, to ease sore muscles, reduce tension and enhance muscle recovery. Due to its power, comfort, and design, the Theragun Pro from Therabody is arguably one of the top massage guns available. However, it is expensive and may be an overkill for a casual user.

Based on our experience, Theragun Pro provides an exceptionally intense massage experience. Even without exerting much pressure, we could feel each hit penetrates deep into the muscle. That said, if you prefer light and gentle massages, then Theragun Pro may not be the best option for you. While some people may find intense massage relaxing and enjoyable, that level of intensity may be too much for others.

Speed and Battery

Comes with six different massage attachment, the Theragun Pro can hit the muscle at a maximum PPM (percussions per minute) of 2400 per minute. Although this may sound a lot, surprisingly there are plenty other models with higher PPM. We do not, however, consider this as a major drawback as even at the lowest speed setting of 1750, we felt sufficient intensity and did not need to ramp up the speed to the device’s upper limit. I’m pleased to learn that the Theragun Pro comes with two rechargeable batteries instead of one. However, considering its hefty price tag, I wish the battery life could have last longer.

Comfort and Ease of Use

Though it may take a little bit of trial and error to figure the best settings, the Theragun Pro is quite intuitive to use. Moreover, the Theragun Pro also features a rotating arm, which makes it easier to use on any spot that is awkward to reach. The Theragun Pro is heavier and louder than average massage gun, which is not a surprise, considering its power and strength.

PRO: Powerful device with quality built

  • Powerful and sturdy device that provides intense massage
  • The percussive therapy gets deep into the muscles to release tension
  • Customizable speed range (of up to 2,400 PPM)
  • Patented triangular handle enables multiple grip options

PRO: Great features and support

  • Designed for both professional and personal use
  • Bluetooth connectivity to free Therabody app
  • Features OLED screen with Force meter
  • Includes 6 different interchangeable massage attachments
  • Comes with 2-year warranty

CON: Premium price with moderate battery life

  • Relatively expensive compared to other massage guns available in the market
  • Battery life do not last as long after frequent use
theragun pro review
Theragun Pro Review: the device comes with 6 different attachments

CON: Loud and heavy to use

  • Relatively loud noise output making it not suitable to use in a quiet environment
  • Weighing almost 3 lbs, the Theragun Pro feels heavy on hand

Where to buy the Theragun Pro in Australia

Albeit quite pricey, the Theragun Pro is easily one of the most powerful of all Theraguns’ products. It is great for professional use, athletes, and users who want to up their muscle recovery and relieve tension. The Theragun Pro may not be a worthwhile investment to those who would only use it sparingly. If the hefty price tag of the Theragun Pro and moderate battery life are dealbreakers, you could consider other models such as the Elite line which doesn’t sacrifice so much on power and is relatively quieter than the Pro line. While the Elite line has less percussive power as the Pro line, it is noticeably cheaper and can also get the job done for those who are only casual users.


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