The Mermade Hair Curler Review: Lasting Boho Waves with Catch

Altough bulky, the Mermade Hair Pro Waver 32mm is an efficient and stylish hair curler in a trendy pink color. Further, it features high-grade ionic ceramic barrels to produce beautiful glam wavy hair with reduced frizz and increased shine. Unlike many other curlers available in the market, the Mermade hair curler comes with three XL sizes barrels which creates a lasting big bouncy waves in shorter amount of time.

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Mermade Hair Curler Review
Mermade Hair Curler Review: fast and lasting boho waves with 3 jumbo high-grade ionic barrels

Effortless and Lasting Waves with User-Friendly Tools

The Mermade hair curler boasts an ergonomic design and features three 32mm barrels for fast, bouncy waves creation. The strong clamps of the Mermade hair curler ensure hair is held firmly in place. Although heavy and can be awkward to use, the Mermade hair curler’s multiple barrels allow for the creation of voluminous, bouncy waves in a quicker time frame.

Effortless and Lasting Boho Waves at Home

If you don’t mind its bulkiness, the Mermade hair curler is an excellent tool that is worth buying. It offers salon-quality results and allows you to achieve boho glam perfect waves every day, right from the comfort of your own home. Furthermore, the Mermade hair curler is simple and straightforward to use and can create beachy waves quickly, with adjustable temperature settings to protect your hair from damage. Although not cheap, you won’t have to worry about burning your fingers either, as it comes with gloves for protection as well as heat-resistant handle.

PRO: Lasting and Quick Waves with Quality Styling Tool

  • The Mermade hair curler is easy and fast to use, creating big and beautiful boho waves at home
  • Features three high-grade jumbo ionic ceramics barrels
  • Comes with 2 years warranty
  • Features ergonomic design and swivel cords

CON: Heavy and Bulky to Use

  • Bulky and relatively heavier than other curlers available in the market
  • Need practicing to master its use
  • Not suitable for travel due to its size and weight
  • Relatively more expensive than other curlers in the market
Mermade Hair Curler Review
Mermade Hair Curler Review: features multiple heat settings, suitable for all hair types and looks

Where to buy the Mermade Hair Curler in Australia

In conclusion, the Mermade hair curler is a valuable investment. If you want effortless, long-lasting wavy hair every day, this tool is highly recommended. Moreover, with its straightforward and ergonomic design, you can easily create beautiful waves without the need to visit a salon, saving you time and money. Despite its bulkiness and the need for some practice to use, it can produce stunning, soft boho waves quickly at home for a little over $100.


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