GHD Hair Curler Review: Expensive but Beautiful Curls

The GHD Creative Curl Wand is a professional styling tool that allows you to achieve a variety of curl styles quickly and easily. It boasts ceramic technology that tames frizz and enhances hair shine. The GHD hair curler warms up quickly with the Ultra-Zone Technology, has a safety feature that turns it off after 30 minutes to prevent overheating, and comes with heat-resistant glove. Nevertheless, The GHD Creative Curl Wand is relatively more expensive than some other curling irons and may not be suitable for all hair types such as extremely fine or coarse hair.

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GHD Hair Curler Review
GHD Hair Curler Review : heats up fast for beautiful bouncy curl that last all day

Heats Up Quick for Lasting Curls

The GHD hair curler is a high-end styling tool that has a sleek and lightweight design that produces unique and beautiful waves, unlike traditional curling irons. It warms up quickly and create curls that last all day. Moreover, the GHD hair curler features the Ultra-Zone Technology which offers a fixed 185-degree heat, thus protecting the hair. The device is constructed with high-quality materials and built to last, ensuring that you can enjoy beautiful curls for an extended period.

The GHD Creative Curl Wand comes with a unique tapered wand barrel. The largest end measuring 28mm and the smallest end measuring 23mm. This allows for greater flexibility and creativity in shaping hair of various sizes and shapes, resulting in a more visually appealing curls than regular irons. For its price, I do wish the device offers a different level of heat as opposed to the fixed 185-degree. It is important to mention that it may take some practice to master the use of the curler to avoid any kind of burns and achieve the desired curls.

PRO: Professional styling tool that delivers

  • Quick heating: The wand heats up quickly, allowing you to begin styling your hair without delay
  • Steady temperature: The GHD hair curler maintains a consistent temperature throughout use, helping to protect hair from damage
  • The tapered barrel of the GHD hair curler allows for the creation of different curl sizes and shapes. Thus, giving you the freedom to achieve your desired look
  • Boasts ceramic technology which helps to reduce frizz and enhance shine, resulting in smooth and healthy-looking curls
  • The GHD hair curler features a cool tip, a safety feature that allows you to hold the wand without the risk of burns
  • Comes with protective glove, the GHD hair curler is user-friendly and designed with a comfortable handle 

CON: Expensive and take some practice to master

  • The GHD hair curler is pricey compared to other devices in the market
  • The wand of the GHD hair curler is relatively large. Therefore, it may pose as a challenge for individuals with smaller hands or limited storage space
  • Although expensive, the GHD hair curler does not have the function to adjust the temperature setting. Thus, it must be used properly to avoid any kind of burns
GHD Hair Curler review
GHD Hair Curler Review : premium tool that delivers salon quality curls

Where to buy the GHD Hair Curler in Australia

The GHD Creative Curl Wand is a premium styling tool that is ideal for achieving curls that hold up all day. With its advanced ceramic technology and Ultra-Zone Technology, it heats up quickly and allows you to style your hair in no time. However due to its fixed 185-degree heat, the device can get quite hot, so it’s important to use heat-protective glove and practice using it to avoid burns. Despite its high cost, it is a worthwhile investment for those seeking salon-quality curls. If you have limited budget, you could certainly consider other curling irons available in the market with minor trade-off.


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