Tanami DermaPro LED Mask Review: Professional Grade Red Light Mask With Minor Drawbacks

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Tanami DermaPro Mask Review

4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Tanami have developed a robust at-home solution for multi-spectrum LED light therapy, complete with all the bells and whistles. While there’s room for improvement in comfort, the overall value is exceptional, particularly due to the included décolletage expander, which competitors typically charge an additional $400.00 for on top of their expensive face masks. Continue reading for the full review, including my experience after 30 days of use.

LED Power4.5
Battery Life3.5
Overall Value4.5

Brand: Tanami
Product: DermaPro LED Mask
Price: $499.00
Retailer: Mifo.com.au

Using The Tanami LED Mask For 30 Days: The Full Breakdown


As a tech product reviewer and a beauty enthusiast, I’ve seen a lot of junk cluttering my post box. And particularly in the world of red light therapy, there are countless cheap, ineffective products. After doing research on clinical grade LED lights, the Tanami DermaPro LED Mask immediately caught my eye as a contender with the same LED tech as far more expensive products. As someone who’s sceptical about ‘miracle’ gadgets, I was keen to see if this one could actually live up to its claims.

Week 1: Getting Acquainted

First off, setting it up was a breeze—well, almost. Fitting the mask snugly took a bit of jiggling, but once sorted, it was pretty straightforward. The initial feeling of the LED lights was a bit alien—think sunbathing under a soft glow in the evening—but soothing once I got used to it. It quickly became a relaxing end to my busy days, nestled in with a cuppa and my favourite telly show in the background.

Yes, these masks all look somewhat creepy, but it’s worth the temporary crazy look every day to achieve lasting results.

Week 2: Settling In

Into the second week, it became clear this wasn’t just another gimmick. The cumbersome fit became less of an annoyance and more part of a ritual. I noticed my skin beginning to thank me—or more accurately, thank the mask. There was a slight but noticeable improvement in the texture of my skin, especially my often-neglected neck area.

Week 3: Seeing Results

By now, the LED sessions were as habitual as brushing my teeth. What’s more, the results were genuinely showing. My skin had begun to develop what my mates called the “LED glow,” which made it look like I had just returned from a spa retreat. The small fine lines around my neck, which I had started to accept as inevitable companions, were less discernible.

The included décolletage expander can be positioned on the front and back, covering chest, back, and neck.

Week 4: Full Circle

A month flew by with the Tanami mask, and I was genuinely impressed. My face felt plumper, the skin on my neck firmer, and those pesky lines softened. It’s not every day you find a product that stands up to its claims, but this one did more than just stand—it delivered.

Final Thoughts

This little beauty tech wonder has earned its place on my vanity. While it’s not perfect—the fit could be more comfortable and the initial setup a bit fiddly—the results speak for themselves. The Tanami DermaPro isn’t just effective; it’s a game-changer in at-home skincare. The décolletage expander alone, usually an expensive add-on with other brands, is a boon.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely, especially to those looking to bring a bit of professional skincare home without breaking the bank. Just remember, it’s not instant magic—give it time, and it’ll give you results.

Where to Find It

Curious or ready to dive in? Check out the Tanami DermaPro LED Mask on health and wellness retailer Mifo.com.au. Here’s to better skin days ahead!