Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Review: Durable, Attractive, Non-functioning Feature

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 marks Samsung’s foray into smartwatches. While it’s not that different from their previous model, Samsung Galaxy Watch 5’s battery life is up to 10 hours longer. On the contrary, the skin temperature reader does not function that well.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Review
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Review

Small, yet attractive improvements with an unusable feature

While Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 was a great smartwatch, their new model offers a little bit more. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 offers 13% bigger battery, stronger scratch-resistant and water-resistant Sapphire crystal display and a new skin temperature feature you cannot yet use.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is available in four colours.
Graphite, silver, sapphire (44mm only), pink gold (40mm only). It comes with a silicone strap, but Samsung sells a variety of interchangeable straps.

PRO: Versatile and Durable design

  • More accurate results – The Galaxy Watch 5’s newly sculpted curved bottom increases the surface area of ​​contact between the watch and your skin. Samsung says this contributes to the accuracy of the data collected by the biometric sensor.
  • Water resistant and scratch resistant – Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 offers water resistance up to 5ATM with a IP68 rating. Additionally, it features a sapphire crystal glass. Samsung claims it’s 60% more scratch resistant than the previous model.

PRO: Powerful Fitness features & App selection

  • 3-in-1 BioActive sensor – According to Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy watch 5 comes with: 1. Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Sensor (BIA) which measures everything from body fat to skeletal muscle weight. 2. Electrical Heart Sensor (ECG) which measures your heart rate and rhythm for any irregularities. and 3. Optical Heart Rate Sensor Monitor which monitors your heart rate and blood pressure to track your cardiovascular health.
  • Tracks over 100 workouts and offers improved sleep tracking and guidance.

CON: New feature not yet functional

  • Samsung’s new skin temperature feature is not yet functional as of the time of writing this review.
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Review
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Review

CON: Mostly optimized with Samsung phones

  • For the smartphone app, you will need to download the Galaxy Wearable app and sync your Watch 5 to your smartphone – If you’re running Google’s Wear OS, your Watch 5 won’t work with the Wear OS app.

Where to buy the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 in Australia

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 introduces a small but respectable collection of incremental upgrades. No fundamental changes, but improvements in two pillars that are typically important to smartwatch users. Health tracking and battery life.

The temperature sensor is particularly interesting, but it’s not yet available and this could be a reason for you to wait to buy it.

While it’s hard to compare Samsung to Apple’s smartwatches, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 features good improvements and its attractive price makes it a great choice for Android users overall.


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