Dyson V15 detect Vacuum Review: A Laser-Focused Stick Vacuum

The Dyson V15 Detect is Dyson’s most powerful vacuum ever, with such suction power that can pick up dust and dirt with ease. Laser technology highlights dust on hard floors that the human eye cannot see. Furthermore, it counts dust particles, and displays information on a screen if you want to prove your house is spotless. On the other hand, it’s expensive and a slightly heavier than other cordless vacuums.

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Dyson V15 detect Vacuum Review
Dyson V15 detect Vacuum Review

A notch above the rest

You sure are an adult when you’re obsessed with vacuum cleaners. But no matter how old you are, Dyson’s latest cordless stick vacuum cleaner, V15 Detect, could turn heads.

Possibly the most powerful, with stronger suction than any of its predecessors. Additionally, it features an LCD display that shows real-time particle counts. Moreover, Dyson’s V15 Detect features a new cleaning head attachment that shines a green laser on hard floors to detect dirt that’s invisible to the naked eye. It is probably the most intelligent high performance cordless vacuum cleaner on the market. It also comes with a range of accessories to help you switch quickly, from vacuuming your floors, to vacuuming junk in your car, to dusting different surfaces in your home. Also, the new anti-tangle attachment keeps hair from getting tangled in the brush roll for less maintenance.

PRO: Attachments and mounting kit

  • The V15 Detect comes with various attachments. Box includes Laser Slim Fluffy Cleaning Head (for hard floors), Anti-tangle high torque cleaning head (for all floors), Anti-tangle hair screw tool (for long hair and pet hair). Additionally, you can switch between crevice tool (for edges and tight crevices), stubborn dirt brush (for floors and furniture), mini soft dusting brush (for delicate surfaces and fabrics), combination tool (with brush and wide nozzle). Moreover, a 25.75″ wand (wand part) that attaches to your vacuum and all accessories so you don’t have to bend over. Also included is a wand clip to hold the combination and crevice nozzles to the vacuum for easy access, a docking station that can be mounted on the wall, and a charger.
  • Laser – New to the V15 series, the Laser Slim Fluffy cleaning head features a green laser diode positioned approximately 0.75 cm from the floor and at a 1.5 degree angle to illuminate hard floors and remove dust particles that is normally invisible.
  • Anti-tangle head – The new anti-tangle high-tangle cleaning head features 56 polycarbonate teeth to keep hair from getting tangled around the bristles.

PRO: Performance

  • Suction power – The V15 Detect features a Dyson Hyperdymium motor, which the Dyson claims produces up to 230 airwatts of suction power, and a five-stage filtration system that promises to capture 99.99% of dust particles down to 0.3 microns. It offers more suction power than the V10 and V11, which offer 151 and 185 airwatts respectively in boost mode.

CON: Press and hold button, smaller dust canister

  • No continuous on button – you have to keep pressing the button for the vacuum to continually work.
  • Average-sized dust canister – The capacity is 0.75 liters. If you have a large house, you might need stop cleaning and empty the trash. Instead, consider one of Dyson’s bigger vacuums, like the Dyson V11 Outsize.
Dyson V15 detect Vacuum Review
Dyson V15 detect Vacuum Review

CON: Expensive

  • This is one of Dyson’s most expensive vacuum cleaners. So if you’re on a tight budget, we recommend opting for an older Dyson model like the V8. It’s still great at picking up dust and dirt, but it’s not packed with the latest technology.

Where to buy the Dyson V15 detect Vacuum in Australia

This is one investment you might want to consider if you want to analyze your home’s dirt with additional gadgets. If your current stick vacuum gets your hair tangled, the new anti-tangle brush is a welcome feature. It also works as a normal vacuum cleaner.

However, the V15 Detect is a very expensive kit at $1399.99 (with one battery costing $249 extra) and we’ve reviewed models that pick up dirt well around the house at a lower price.

Despite the high price, Dyson’s V15 is one of the most advanced vacuum cleaners on the market.


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