CMF by Nothing Buds Wireless Earbuds Review

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Introducing CMF Buds by Nothing – the ultimate audio experience with active noise cancellation (ANC).

When it comes to blocking out unwanted noise, CMF Buds are in a class of their own. With a depth of 42 dB and a bandwidth of up to 2900 Hz, these earbuds effectively eliminate distractions. How do they do it? It’s all thanks to the external HD microphone that captures ambient noise, and the internal processor that generates inverse sound waves, effectively muting them.

But CMF Buds don’t stop there – they also support transparency mode. So when life calls, you can seamlessly switch back to the outside world. It’s like having the best of both worlds, with the ability to zone in or out as you please.

What sets CMF Buds apart is their incredible sound quality. Crafted with enhanced acoustic components and equipped with Ultra Bass Technology 2.0, these earbuds deliver a true-to-life audio experience. Professionally tuned by Dirac Opteo, you’ll be immersed in a soundscape like never before. From deep bass to balanced mids and ethereal highs – CMF Buds have it all.

And that’s not all! Connect to the Nothing X app to unlock even more features. Adjust the Ultra Bass level, customize the touch control, and switch between different ANC levels to suit your preferences. Plus, if you’re a gamer, you’ll love the low lag mode that reduces latency when playing on your smartphone. It’s automatically activated when game mode is entered on Nothing smartphones.

Product Details:

Product dimensions: 5.47 x 5.47 x 2.3 cm

Manufacturer: CMF by Nothing

Item Model Number: B168

Batteries: 3 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Label: CMF by Nothing


It’s time to elevate your audio game with CMF Buds. Get ready to experience a new level of sound quality and immersive ANC. Are you ready to hear the difference?

Technical Specifications:

  • Noise Cancelling: ANC with a depth of 42 dB and a bandwidth of up to 2900 Hz
  • Microphone: External HD microphone for capturing ambient noise
  • Processor: Internal processor for generating inverse sound waves
  • Transparency Mode: Supports transparency mode
  • Acoustic Components: Crafted with enhanced acoustic components
  • Ultra Bass Technology: Equipped with Ultra Bass Technology 2.0
  • Sound Tuning: Professionally tuned by Dirac Opteo for true-to-life sound
  • Soundscape: Expansive soundscape with deep bass, balanced mids, and ethereal highs
  • Nothing X App: Connect to the Nothing X app for additional features
  • Ultra Bass Level: Adjust the Ultra Bass level
  • Touch Control: Adjust the touch control settings
  • ANC Levels: Switch between different ANC levels
  • Low Lag Mode: Turn on low lag mode to reduce latency
  • Game Mode: Automatically activated when game mode is entered on Nothing smartphones

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 5.47 x 5.47 x 2.3 cm
  • Weight: 53.5 grams
  • Manufacturer: CMF by Nothing
  • Item Model Number: B168
  • Batteries: 3 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)
  • Label: CMF by Nothing

CMF BY NOTHING BUDS: A Disruptive Entry in the ANC Earbuds Market

The CMF by Nothing Buds have made a bold entrance into the Australian market with unique offerings that promise to redefine active noise cancellation (ANC) experiences. Competing against industry leaders like Apple’s AirPods Pro and Sony’s WF-1000XM4, the CMF Buds are not just another pair of earbuds. They’re equipped with a remarkable 42 dB ANC depth and a bandwidth of up to 2900 Hz, distinguishing them as a top-tier contender for serious audiophiles and frequent travellers.

Competitive Edge in Noise Cancellation

When compared to the AirPods Pro, which offer noise cancellation up to 30 dB, and Sony’s WF-1000XM4 featuring around 40 dB, the CMF Buds push boundaries with their 42 dB depth. This difference might seem marginal, but for users in extremely noisy environments—think bustling city streets or crowded airplanes—it can make a significant impact in providing a quieter listening experience. The external HD microphone, combined with advanced internal processing, results in a sophisticated noise-cancelling technology that stands out amidst the competition.

Sound Quality and Customization Features

Sound quality is where the CMF Buds truly shine, courtesy of Ultra Bass Technology 2.0 and professional tuning by Dirac Opteo. While Apple’s AirPods Pro offer a balanced sound profile and Sony’s WF-1000XM4 are renowned for their sound customization capabilities through the Headphones Connect app, CMF Buds bring something fresh to the table. Their sound signature—enhanced bass, balanced mids, and ethereal highs—creates an immersive soundscape, making them ideal for music lovers and podcast enthusiasts alike.

Additionally, the integration with the Nothing X app allows users to fine-tune their audio experience, from adjusting the Ultra Bass levels to switching between different ANC levels. The low lag mode for gaming is another cherry on top, particularly appealing to mobile gamers who often experience latency issues with other earbuds.

Design and Practicality

In terms of design, the CMF Buds are compact and lightweight, weighing in at just 53.5 grams. This makes them a comfortable choice for prolonged wear, be it long commutes or extended gaming sessions. Their sleek dimensions (5.47 x 5.47 x 2.3 cm) ensure a snug fit without feeling intrusive. Three included Lithium Ion batteries promise longevity, although the specific battery life wasn’t disclosed, it is comparable to other high-end options on the market.

Transparency Mode and Real-World Use

Transparency mode is an increasingly essential feature for many users, allowing them to stay connected to their surroundings when necessary. Here, CMF’s execution is seamless, making it easy to switch between immersive soundscapes and real-world interactions. While brands like Apple and Sony also offer excellent transparency modes, CMF’s intuitive transition process can be seen as a practical advantage for users juggling multiple environments daily.

Target Audience

The CMF Buds seem best suited for tech-savvy audiophiles, frequent travellers, and mobile gamers. Their advanced ANC capabilities, coupled with high-quality sound and customizability, offer great value. However, for those who value ecosystem integration—like die-hard Apple users—the AirPods Pro might still hold the edge. Meanwhile, Sony loyalists who appreciate nuanced sound customizations might lean towards the WF-1000XM4.

Price: 72.69

Posted by Chris Smith

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