Australian Government Signs $2 Billion Agreement with AWS for Highly Classified Cloud Services

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Australia collaborates with AWS for $2 billion classified cloud services.

Quick Read

  • The government of Australia has entered into a $2 billion agreement with AWS for highly classified cloud services.
  • The ‘TS Cloud’ will boost Australia’s cybersecurity capabilities and strengthen the resilience of Defence communications networks.
  • AWS will collaborate with Australian enterprises to design and construct the TS Cloud.
  • The TS Cloud is an element of the larger REDSPICE program designed to enhance Australia’s cyber security.
  • The project’s goal is to enhance interoperability and cooperation with international intelligence allies, particularly the United States.
Australian Government Signs $2 Billion Agreement with AWS for Highly Classified Cloud Services

The Importance of the TS Cloud

The Australian government is making a significant investment in the ‘TS Cloud’ to enhance its cyber capabilities. This cloud infrastructure, which will cost a minimum of $2 billion over the next ten years, is vital for the defence and intelligence agencies of the country. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Richard Marles have emphasized that this project will enable the swift and scalable hosting, sharing, and analysis of Australia’s highly classified data.

Advanced Technologies Integration

The TS Cloud will utilize top-tier technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to improve the analytical capabilities of Australia’s defence and intelligence sectors. By integrating these advanced technologies, the government seeks to maintain a competitive edge in cybersecurity and intelligence operations.

Enhancing Defence Communications

One of the primary advantages of the TS Cloud is its capacity to bolster the resilience of Defence’s communication networks. This improvement will guarantee more robust and secure communication channels within Australia’s defence system, ultimately enhancing national security.

Strengthening International Collaborations

The TS Cloud is anticipated to enhance interoperability and foster deeper collaboration with international allies, particularly the United States. This supports Australia’s strategic goals of fortifying alliances and improving collective security measures in an ever more intricate global landscape.

The Function of AWS in Developing the TS Cloud

AWS was selected for this project because of its substantial expertise in classified cloud services and its well-established presence in Australia. The company plans to partner with Australian businesses to design and construct the TS Cloud; however, specific details regarding this collaboration have not yet been revealed.

Assistance from the Australian Signals Directorate and ONI

Rachel Noble, the Director-General of the Australian Signals Directorate, has highlighted the importance of the TS Cloud as a critical element of the REDSPICE program. This program is a $10 billion effort designed to bolster Australia’s cyber security in the coming decade. Andrew Shearer, the Director-General of the Office of National Intelligence (ONI), also endorses the TS Cloud, acknowledging its ability to enhance integration and cooperation among intelligence agencies.

AWS’s Commitment

Dave Levy, the Vice President of AWS’s Worldwide Public Sector, conveyed his excitement regarding the collaboration with the Australian government. He emphasized AWS’s objective to deliver innovative, efficient, and impactful cloud services to strengthen Australia’s national defense capabilities.

Comparison with Initiatives in the US

In the United States, several providers, such as AWS, are developing a comparable top-secret cloud infrastructure. This initiative came after an initial project, which was exclusively granted to Microsoft, was reconsidered. This scenario highlights the worldwide shift towards utilizing cloud technology to bolster national security.


The Australian government has entered into a $2 billion agreement with AWS to provide top-secret cloud services, aiming to significantly boost national security capabilities. This initiative, known as the TS Cloud, will incorporate advanced technologies such as AI and ML, enhance the resilience of Defence communications, and promote increased collaboration with international allies. Backed by major Australian intelligence agencies, this effort is part of a broader strategy to strengthen cyber security through the REDSPICE program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the objective of the TS Cloud?


The TS Cloud is designed to host, share, and analyze Australia’s most sensitive data quickly and at scale, utilizing advanced technologies like AI and ML to improve national defense capabilities.

Q: What will the price of the TS Cloud be?


The TS Cloud is projected to cost a minimum of $2 billion over the next ten years.

What part will Australian companies have in this project?


AWS intends to collaborate with Australian businesses in the design and construction of the TS Cloud; however, the specific details of their participation have not been clarified yet.

What role does the TS Cloud play in Australia’s comprehensive cyber security plan?


The TS Cloud is an element of the REDSPICE program, a $10 billion initiative designed to enhance Australia’s cybersecurity capabilities over the upcoming ten years.

Q: In what ways will the TS Cloud improve global partnerships?


The TS Cloud will enhance interoperability and foster stronger collaboration with international intelligence allies, especially the United States.

Q: What were the reasons for selecting AWS for this project?


AWS was chosen because of its significant expertise in handling classified cloud services and its strong presence in Australia.


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