Apple AirTag Review: The Best Key Finder For iPhones

The Apple AirTag is a smart device that’s super easy to set up, and its precise search capabilities make it easy to find everything from keys and wallets to backpacks and luggage. Although, a pretty good product, there’s still room for improvement. Especially in the privacy department.

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Apple AirTag Review
Apple AirTag Review

Release Date and Price

The Apple AirTag has been released on April 30th and is available to order.

AirTags are available in packs of 1 for $46.95 or 4 for $152.70. In comparison, Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag Plus offers a similar ultra-wideband connection, but costs $67.15 per 1.

PRO: Design and Setup

  • About the size of a coat button, the AirTag is tiny at 3.2 cm in diameter and 0.79 cm tall. Weighs just 0.011 kg.
  • IP67 rated – This means it can survive up to 30 minutes underwater.
  • Easy to setup – After removing the AirTag from the box, pull out the battery tag and hold the device close to your iPhone.

PRO: Performance

  • Uses the usual Bluetooth connectivity for proximity finding. But it goes a step further with ultra-wideband.
  • AirTag’s Precision Finding feature – iPhone uses UWB to determine the distance and direction to lost items and analyze input from the phone’s camera, ARKit, accelerometer, and gyroscope. All combined can provide visual, tactile, and auditory cues to guide you to your lost item.
  • Long lasting battery – Apple claims its battery can last up to a year.

CON: Privacy Concerns

  • Apple has built in many security safeguards with AirTags to protect your privacy and prevent tracking, but there is clearly room for improvement.
    To prevent people from being tracked, your iPhone can notify you if AirTags that aren’t yours are traveling with you. It can then make a sound to locate them and explain how to disable them.
    Additionally, if your AirTag is left indefinitely away from you, it will make a sound when moved to alert its presence.
    Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t specify how long it will take to receive this security warning. You’ll also get a security alert on your way home if an unregistered AirTag is detected.
    Please note that you will only receive notifications if you are running iOS 14 or newer versions.
    If you have an Android phone, it can take about 3 days for the AirTag itself to make a sound.
    In a statement to Gizmodo, Apple said, “We may be able to adjust the logic and timing of these wirelessly adjustable features to further improve deterrence.” (Apple has released an Android app).
  • Can’t ping iPhone from AirTag.
Apple AirTag Review
Apple AirTag Review

CON: No Android Compatibility and Design Scuffs

  • Doesn’t work with Android phones.
  • Design scuffs easily as it is not very durable.

Where to buy the Apple AirTag in Australia

I wish the design was a slightly more durable and the volume a little louder, but overall the Apple AirTag is worth the investment and worth the wait for its ease of use and precision search capabilities. You may need to tweak your settings to prevent potential stalkers more effectively.


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