ANZx Enables Companies to Develop Their Ideal Strategies

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ANZx Enables Companies to Develop Their Own Ideal Strategies

ANZx Enables Companies to Develop Their Ideal Strategies

Karan Mehta at PegaWorld Inspire 2024.

Quick Read

  • ANZx improves the backend system for customer interaction.
  • Pega Customer Decision Hub (PegaCDH) implemented for personalized communications.
  • Event-driven next-best actions optimize customer interactions.
  • Achieved a 60% decrease in the duration of the next-best action lifecycle.
  • Enabling business teams to develop and evaluate their own strategies.
  • Implementing data mesh principles for distributed data management.


In an effort to transform customer interaction, ANZx is upgrading the complexity of its backend system that supports the ANZ Plus digital-only service. This project seeks to provide customized and prompt communications by utilizing the features of the Pega customer decision hub (PegaCDH).

Pega Customer Decision Hub: The Intelligence Powering ANZ Plus

Karan Mehta, the Marketing Technology Lead at ANZx, disclosed at the PegaWorld Inspire 2024 conference that the bank had incorporated PegaCDH right from the start. Mehta clarified, “Our aim was for Pega to serve as the central intelligence, managing all customer touchpoints, with mobile being our main distribution channel.”

Event-Based Interactions to Improve Customer Experience

ANZx leverages real-time customer interactions and behaviors as prompts for communication. This strategy guarantees that customers’ first experiences with ANZ Plus are smooth. For example, if a welcome pack is not received, the deviation from anticipated communication is identified for corrective measures.

Next-Best Action Strategy

Communications that are driven by events focus on ‘next-best actions,’ a method designed to send the appropriate message at the most opportune moment through the best possible channel. Mehta notes that 47% of customers interact with at least one financial wellbeing next-best action, demonstrating successful customization of messages.

Empowering Business Teams

The next phase of ANZx’s development includes enabling business teams to develop their own next-best actions and access performance insights. By permitting these teams to contribute to the customer data model, known as the Customer Analytical Record (CAR), ANZx is promoting a more decentralized approach to data management and decision-making.

Implementing Data Mesh Principles

In accordance with data mesh principles, ANZx seeks to decentralize data management. Each domain within ANZ Plus will oversee its own data products, ensuring they are accessible throughout the organization. This approach allows business users and analysts to obtain insights tailored to their specific requirements.


ANZx is elevating customer engagement standards by leveraging PegaCDH technology and implementing data mesh principles. This approach not only customizes customer interactions but also enables internal teams to design and assess their strategies with greater efficiency.

Q: What are the objectives of ANZx with the improved backend engine?


The objective of ANZx is to provide highly customized and timely communications to users of its ANZ Plus digital-only service, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.

Q: What is the operational mechanism of the Pega customer decision hub (PegaCDH) in this configuration?


PegaCDH functions as the central intelligence, analyzing real-time customer interactions and behaviors to initiate appropriate communications and optimal subsequent actions.

What are ‘next-best actions’?


Event-driven communications, known as next-best actions, are customized to deliver the appropriate message at the optimal moment through the most suitable channel, thereby improving customer experience and engagement.

How is ANZx shortening the duration of next-best actions’ lifecycle?


By integrating steps such as templating and testing directly within PegaCDH instead of relying on external tools, ANZx has managed to cut the lifecycle duration of next-best actions by 60%.

Question: In what ways are business teams being given more power in this new framework?


Business teams are being given the tools to devise their own optimal actions and view performance metrics by filling the customer analytical record (CAR) with pertinent data from various sources within the bank.

Q: What are the principles of a data mesh?


The principles of a data mesh promote decentralized data management, where each domain is responsible for its own data products or datasets. This approach ensures these data assets are available throughout the organization, thereby preventing bottlenecks.

What advantages does data mesh provide to ANZ Plus?


The data mesh configuration enables business users and analysts to access a variety of datasets throughout ANZ Plus, allowing them to create customized perspectives and obtain insights that are specific to their requirements.


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