Vtech RM7754HD Baby Monitor Review: 7″ Wi-Fi Video Monitor With Minor Drawbacks

The Vtech RM7754HD baby monitor features HD camera which allows parents to reliably monitor their little ones, remotely through its parent unit, or any compatible smart device such as tablet and or smartphone.

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Vtech RM7754HD Baby Monitor: A mid-level HD monitor with potential security flaws $249.30 at Amazon.com.au →

Vtech R7754HD Baby Monitor
Vtech RM7754HD 1080P Smart Baby Monitor comes with 7″ colour LCD Parent Unit

Vtech RM7754HD 7″ Smart Wi-Fi Baby Monitor with 1080p HD

Don’t let its numerical name deter you, Vtech RM7754HD baby monitor is a solid and quality baby monitor which offers any parents, whether first time or veteran, a great peace of mind. Vtech RM7754HD is easy to set up and stays reliably connected through Wi-Fi network. Parents can see and hear their baby at home, or even on-the-go through the MyVtech Baby app.  Although comes with great features and support, MyVtech Baby app offers free lifetime remote access at no added costs or monthly subscription.

I love the fact that Vtech RM7754HD’s camera transmits 1080P high-definition video and comes with a portable extra-large 7-inches colour LCD parent unit. Thanks to these, parents are able to monitor their little ones with crystal clear pictures, whether they are just waking up, sucking on their thumb, or about to drift to sleep. Vtech RM7754HD also features a high-powered infrared LED. Parents can clearly see their little ones, even during nighttime when the lamp has been turned off.

Last but not least, I also appreciate that Vtech RM7754HD comes with a built-in night lamp (3 colours available). On top of that, it also features a handful selection of soothing sounds and lullabies. The soothing sound and lullabies can help our little ones drift to sleep. With these added features, I just saved an extra $60-$80 instantly by not having to buy separate device(s). Aside from the quality sound and picture, for the price tag, I wish Vtech RM7754HD’s parent unit battery could last longer. But this should not be an issue for parents who spend most of their time accessing the monitor via MyVtech Baby.

PRO: Crystal clear pictures and excellent sound quality

  • 7” colour LCD parent unit with 1080p High Definition camera
  • Automatic night vision and wide angle viewing
  • Up to 4x local digital zoom and up to 10x remote digital zoom
  • High powered infrared LED ensuring clear view during nighttime
  • Temperature sensor with alerts
  • Local and remote 2-way talk
  • Motion triggered alerts and recording

PRO: Many additional functionalities

  • 5 fun lullabies and 4 soothing sounds
  • 3 colours options for night lamp
  • Remote viewing / recording via the MyVTech Baby app

CON: A little bit on the pricier side

  • For parents on budget, the price tag may be on the pricier side
  • Plenty of other options for baby monitor under $200 albeit with less features
Vtech RM7754HD
1080p High Definition camera, auto night vision, wide angle viewing, up to 4x local digital zoom and up to 10x remote digital zoom, motion activated alerts and recording

CON: Average battery life and always require Wi-Fi connection

  • Batteries don’t last more than a day
  • Parent unit needs to be turned off when not in used to save battery
  • Vtech RM7754HD always requires Wi-Fi connection

Where to buy VTECH RM7754HD Baby Monitor in Australia

Whether prepping for dinner in the kitchen, folding clothes in the laundry room, or attending Zoom meeting, with the assistance of Vtech RM7754HD, parents are able to comfortably see and monitor their little ones anytime and from anywhere. If you are looking for a no-fuss quality baby monitor that can reliably get the job done and comes with added useful features such as night lamp, Vtech RM7754HD is easily one of the best option currently available in the market for under $250.  


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