JBL Live Pro 2 Earbuds Review: Great Value For Money

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The JBL Live Pro 2 is the next-gen of the previous JBL Live Pro+. It is overall a great upgrade but still suffers from some of the problems that hampered its predecessor. 

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JBL Live Pro 2 Earbuds Review
JBL Live Pro 2 Earbuds Review


The JBL Live Pro 2 are a great pair of true all-round wireless earbuds that offer great sound, a comfortable fit for all-day listening, and exceptional noise cancellation. At just $165, it’s great value. You’ll have to pay twice as much to beat the noise cancellation offered here.

PRO: Great Quality

  • ANC – The noise cancellation is particularly good, and it’s also highly adaptable, making it perfect for busy, noisy environments and travelling.
  • Sound quality – Powerful accurate audio for their price point. Great balanced performance across the whole range. Additionally, if you like bass you will sure love the JBL Live Pro 2 Earbuds.

PRO: Great Battery

  • Long Battery Life – JBL Live Pro 2 Earbuds offer 7 hours of continues playback with an additional 21 hours from the charging case.
  • Fast Charging – With just 10 minutes of charging you can enjoy 1 hour of playback.

CON: Missing Design Features

  • Limited Touch Controls – JBL Live Pro 2 Earbuds come with basic controls allowing you to control playback, activate and deactivate the ANC and answer calls. If you are looking for more advanced touch-controls these earbuds don’t have them.
  • No wireless charging capabilities. You will have to rely on a USB-C cable to charge your JBL Live Pro 2 Earbuds.
JBL Live Pro 2 Earbuds Review
JBL Live Pro 2 Earbuds Review

CON: Call Quality

  • Mediocre Call Quality – The build in microphone does not provide the best quality and calls can be muffled.

Where to buy the JBL Live Pro 2 Earbuds in Australia

Audio quality is still strong, with as much bass as ever, noise cancellation works well, and better battery life puts the Live Pro 2 above most of its similarly priced rivals. Some rivals, such as the 1MORE EVO, offer the advantage of high-res codec support, but the complaint of limited touch control customisation carries over from the previous model. 

But the JBL Live 2 Pro’s wealth of useful features, engaging and customisable sound, and effective ANC more than justify the asking price, making it an affordable alternative to Apple’s AirPods Pro. An excellent choice if that’s what you’re looking for. 


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$165 at Amazon.com.au – free 2-day delivery for Prime members

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