ghd Platinum+ Hair Straightener Review: Title Description

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The ghd Platinum+ hair straightener is unrivaled when it comes to styling hair. These high-end flat irons are famous for their exceptional performance and are the most elegant and safest option available. While they may not possess the same level of innovation as the Dyson Corrale, considering their price, the ghd Platinum+ straighteners are a good choice.

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ghd Platinum+ Hair Straightener Review
ghd Platinum+ Hair Straightener Review

The Platinum+ model retains the classic ghd design elements while featuring a more refined and streamlined appearance.

The most notable enhancement is the replacement of the previous two-piece hinge found in earlier ghd models with a single curved wishbone hinge. This improvement prevents hair from getting caught, which is a common issue with many competing products.

Moreover, the ghd Platinum+ stands out with its slim and lightweight profile, weighing only 302g. In comparison, the Dyson Corrale’s weights at 563g.

PRO: Advanced Technology

  • “Smart straightener” – innovative ultra-zone sensors that can predict your hair’s requirements. This means that the ghd Platinum+ can adapt to your hair type and styling techniques, effectively regulating heat and predicting your specific hair needs. Hence, resulting in exceptional outcomes and promoting stronger, healthier hair.
  • Hair protection – ghd Platinum + can regulate heat effectively. This way, it helps protect your hair from heat damage while ensuring you with desired results according to your hair type.
  • Enhanced Safety – The single curved wishbone hinge on the Platinum+ replaces the previous two-piece hinge. This reduces the risk of your hair getting caught while using the tool.

PRO: Design

  • Although the Platinum + incorporates design features from the classic GHD, it looks sleeker and it is more comfortable than previous models.

CON: Price and Innovation

  • The ghd Platinum+ falls into the high-end-products category but it also comes at a higher price tag.
  • Its biggest competitor, Dyson Corrale, comes with more features and innovations.
ghd Platinum+ Hair Straightener Review

CON: Not Wireless

  • The ghd Platinum+ is wired and cannot be used wireless. If you are looking for a more flexible hair styling tool for your travels you may need to consider alternative options.

Where to buy the ghd Platinum+ Hair Straightener in Australia

The ghd Platinum + is one of the best hair styling tools in the market at the time of writing this review. While it lacks some innovative features its biggest competitor, Dyson’s Corrales offers, it still delivers consistent and reliable results.

The ultra-zone sensors and predictive technology will guarantee optimal styling performance and protect your hair from excessive heat.

On the other hand, its lack of flexibility due to it being wired, as well as its high price, might make you want to reevaluate alternative options.


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