Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700 Review: Features And Best Prices In Australia

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  Updated 4 May, 2024 by Matthew Miller, Consumer Technology Editor

Bose Noise Canceling Over Ear 700 Review Australia

Are they worth it? Read on for our Bose noise canceling headphones 700 review. This article contains up to date information for the Australian market.

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Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700: $395.00 at →

The Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700 are the latest over ear headphones promising to drown out bothersome noise.

Bose have become synonymous with noise canceling headphones through decades of work developing and marketing the sound dampening tech.

After years of improvements and innovations, the 700 reaches peak performance in noise canceling, call quality, and battery life. And they sound damn good, too.

Bose have developed a compelling product suitable for daily life, with a few notable drawbacks

PRO: Noise canceling is excellent with pass through mode.

  • The 700 hit the mark on noise canceling, easily silencing outside sounds in a variety of settings.
  • One quick touch can turn on and off noise canceling, most useful when in a public setting or flight.
  • Additionally Bose hear through tech handle wind and unexpected noises masterfully.

PRO: Bose 700 deliver above and beyond on battery life.

  • Charging anxiety is not a problem with the Bose 700, because one charge runs up to 20 hours if using features sparingly.
  • Comparatively, with noise canceling and calls enabled Bose achieve 10-15 hours of consecutive use time.

PRO: Calls and video conferences are clear both ways.

  • Multiple inbuilt microphones in each ear cup offer precise voice pickup.
  • As a result, noise canceling tech eliminate background interference for speaking on calls.
  • Whilst you may look odd wearing large earphones during video calls it is worth noting clarity make up for it.

CON: You will activate touch controls accidentally.

  • The right ear cup has haptic touch controls, which you will deactivate almost immediately after the first use.
  • As a result of this clumsy placement it is far too easy to accidentally answer an incoming call, or change songs and volume.
Bose 700 ANC Headphones Reviews
Bose have released a variety of colors, though not all are available in Australia.

CON: Bose are heavy on the head during longer use sessions.

  • The Bose 700 come in at about 0.3 kilos, which adds a bit of weight from prior versions.
  • Newer bone conduction headphones may be more comfortable in hot weather.
  • After 20-30 minutes you begin to feel the weight of the earphones, especially when walking.
  • Additionally a somewhat novel headband shape may not fit everyone well.

CON: The mandatory Bose app adds unnecessary complexity.

  • Audiophile users may feel an app is essential for customisation of sound, controls, and more.
  • But Bose’ app adds complexity to setup, and can be confusing to use.
  • We wish Bose would not force an app download for simple settings.

CON: Expensive.

  • Bose have included all the features we want (and some we don’t) as well as an astronomical price point to match, as with other models like the Bose QC45.
  • Comparatively many other products are half the cost, a fact Bose seem to recognise.
  • As a result Aussies may find a retail price about 20% under other markets.

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Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700 Review Conclusion: A worthy if expensive offering that deserves consideration

Bose have an outstanding piece of kit thanks to features galore coupled with excellent noise canceling tech. Should your wallet allow, the 700 may be the product you have been waiting for.

Where to buy the Bose 700 earphones in Australia

The 700 noise canceling headphones provide all the features one can want, and a price to match. Aside from a few drawbacks due to weight and complex controls, Bose earn top marks from our review team. Price is always a concern, and competitors offer similar functioning products at half the price without the Bose badge.


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