The Best Waterproof Earbuds For Swimming: New Products Changing The Game For Aussies [Updated]

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  Updated 22 May, 2024 by Matthew Miller, Consumer Technology Editor

Wireless earbuds for swimming are a much needed tech that, until recently, simply couldn’t exist.

The problem is twofold: Bluetooth signals can’t travel through water, so even if you manage to wear wireless earbuds whilst swimming, they won’t work well. Secondly, earbuds can’t provide a perfect seal, allowing water to leak in and breaking your focus.

Thanks to new tech, we finally have options for swimmers that want to listen to podcasts, music, and shows in the water.

Read this article written for the Australian market before making a purchase.

Sonictrek H2O: Editor’s pick for best earbuds for swimming – $149.99 at →

best earbuds for swimming bluetooth australia

Where to buy the H2O in Australia

Sonictrek have created a product specifically for swimmers, on a patent-pending bone conduction sound platform and fully waterproof case. In addition, the H2O features an inbuilt music player to play without connecting to a smartphone or watch.


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$149.99 tax included at – free delivery

Why Sonictrek earn top marks for best earbuds for swimming from our team

  • Fully waterproof tech make the H2O the best earbuds for swimmers, full stop. The H2O is engineered for swimmers, and it shows. Every feature is designed to allow full submersion with no problems.
  • Inbuilt music player with 8GB of memory. Because Bluetooth signal cannot travel underwater, earbuds must have an inbuilt player. Sonictrek have come through in spades, providing an enormous 8GB of memory that can easily hold all of your music, podcasts, and more.
  • Outstanding battery life. With over 8 hours of battery life in a single charge, swimmers won’t be left wanting. The included magnetic charging cable is also helpful for rapid charging.
  • Open ear tech won’t disrupt your gear. Thanks to open ear bone conduction tech, the H2O will not cause discomfort if you wear ear plugs, a swim cap, or googles.
  • Mostly drag free, but could use some improvement. Swimming with the H2O is comfortable and mostly trouble free, but does add a small amount of drag when under water. Only true pros can tell, but it is noticeable.
  • Australia-based customer support. We have been continuously disappointed with earbuds in the past, even from tech giants like Lenovo. Part of that disappointment comes with poor or absent customer service. We tested Sonictrek on several occasions with questions and every time received proper replies within an hour. That demonstrates commitment to Australian market and contributes greatly to our award of Editor’s Pick.

Shokz OpenSwim: Bone conduction runner tech that works for swimmers – $219.00 at →

waterproof earbuds for swimming australia

Where to buy the OpenSwim in Australia

Shokz famously released some of the first consumer grade bone conduction products in the world. The OpenSwim platform is based on the OpenRun (mentioned in this list later) model and sports similar features. While adequate for swimmers, there are better values to be had from newer competitors.


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$219.00 at – 2-4 day delivery

Why Shokz make the list of best waterproof earbuds for swimming

  • Top quality bone conduction sound. Shokz have had plenty of time to focus on innovation in the bone conduction space, and it shows. Like all bone conduction audio products, bass is weaker. But, high and mid tones are crisp and transmitted well even when under water.
  • Inbuilt MP3 player delvers for swimmers. Unlike their former attempts at bone conduction sports headphones, Shokz have included a 4GB MP3 player inbuilt.
  • Not designed for swimmers. The design of the OpenSwim is taken from the OpenRun (mentioned later). While the shape is fine for runners, it was not originally designed for swimming and causes some uncomfortable drag around the head when under water.
  • Battery life needs improvement. Shokz rate the battery life of the OpenSwim at about 8 hours, but in practice you’ll see about 5. This could be improved to match competitors like the Sonictrek H2O.

Finis Duo MP3 Music Player: Unique device that fails to fully deliver on promises – $160.00 at →

best earbuds for swimming bluetooth

Where to buy the Finis Duo waterproof earbuds for swimming in Australia

Finnis have created a unique solution to listening to music while swimming using bone conduction audio transmitters that attached to swim gear. While it shows some promise, the solution is not as elegant as competitor products.


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$160.00 at – 2-4 day delivery

What Finnis gets right (and wrong) with their Duo swim earbuds

  • Designed for swimmers from the start. To Finnis’ credit, the Duo is purpose made for swimmers. The unique two pod shape is connected by a cord, and clipped on to googles or other gear. That creates a solution but some added problems as well.
  • Sound quality needs improvement. The Duo attaches to goggles or other gear, but this means bone conduction transmitters can shift about, disrupting sound and making it hard to hear. Competitor products with a rigid design prevent this issue.
  • Difficult to use on earbud controls. The inbuilt controls are someone difficult to push, and when used can be uncomfortable as you press into the side of your head.
  • Creates too much drag under water. The Duo’s pods are large and not aerodynamic, catching noticeably when under water. They cause the most drag under water of our top products.
  • Poor battery life. With under 3 hours of continuous play battery life, the Duo scores lower than competitors with 2-3 times more battery power.

H2O Audio Interval Swim Headphones for Apple Watch: Tech that works for Apple Watch owners only – $129.99 at →

Where to buy the H2O Audio Interval Swim Headphones in Australia

You can think of the H2O Audio Interval product as a case for Apple Watches. This ingenious device mounts an Apple Watch face on the back of your head, and offers corded earbuds to transmit audio directly to your ears. It’s a unique idea that, for the most part, works well.


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$129.99 at – 2-4 day delivery

Why Interval stumble on features and value

  • Does as it says. While more of an attachment than a full device, the Interval earbuds do work properly when connected to an Apple Watch.
  • Only for Apple Watch owners. If you don’t have an Apple Watch, the H2O are useless. The core of the watch is required as an audio player, and snaps on quickly once it is disconnected from the watch band.
  • Low drag and comfortable to wear. Overall, the Audio Interval headphones have very little drag, due to the behind the head position.
  • Earbuds don’t keep water out. The in ear earbud format is perfect for wearing in the air, but the dynamics of water are different. Drag shifts the position of the earbud when in ear, and allows water to seep in from time to time.
  • Controls are difficult to adjust. With the Apple Watch face placed at the back of your head, you can’t see the screen. Manual controls are placed below the watch face, but require an awkward reach to push one of the buttons.

Runners-up: Best Earbuds for Swimming

There are many, many wireless earbuds that purport to be for swimmers in the Aussie market. And while we attempt to test as many as possible for our readers, some units simply don’t make the cut. Here’s a quick peek at earbuds for swimming that didn’t make the list.

Shokz OpenRun Mini: Bone conduction runner tech that won’t work swimmers – $219.00 at →

Shokz are a well know badge, but marketing their new OpenRun Mini bone conduction headphones as appropriate for swimmers is poor form. With no inbuilt music player, you would need to rely on Bluetooth signal alone, which cannot penetrate water. That means skips and losses of signal every few moments, and disqualifying Shokz from our best earbuds for swimming list.

Raycon Fitness Wireless Earbuds: Sports Earbuds That Don’t Work Underwater – $260.00 at →

Raycon market the Fitness as totally waterproof and usable by swimmers. While technically true, the earbuds offer know inbuilt MP3 player nor a way for them to stay in when moving through water. Combine that with the fact that Bluetooth signal will be disrupted, and marketing the fitness to swimmers is a fail.

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