The Best Electric Coffee Grinder 2024: Grind Like A Pro With These Cafe Quality Picks In Australia [Updated]

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  Updated 4 May, 2024 by Matthew Miller, Consumer Technology Editor

Electric coffee grinders offer time savings during morning coffee rituals. But with hundreds of products in market, selecting the right grinder for your needs is harder than ever. That’s where we come in, comparing models so you don’t have to.

Read this article written for the Australian market before making a purchase.

Bonzachef Perfect Grind 2: Editor’s pick for best electric burr coffee grinder – $99.99 at →

Where to buy the Perfect Grind 2 in Australia

The best electric coffee grinder in Australia has all of the fine settings one may find in a cafe, but without the hassle of constant maintenance, cleaning, and headache. The Perfect Grind 2 delivers on all the features we expect and more, at a respectable price point.


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$99.99 tax and shipping included at

Why Bonzachef earn top marks for best electric burr coffee grinder value from our team

  • Perfect grinding with 15 levels of coarseness. The Perfect Grind 2 is aptly named, and improves on the original by adding 5 more settings (for a total of 15) along with coffee type selectors.
  • An electric grinder that simply works. Coffee grinders need to do one thing very well: Grind coffee. And Bonzachef does it nearly perfectly straight out of the box. You need not worry about instruction manuals or apps, just plug and go.
  • Large enough for the entire family. Bonzachef have included storage capacity for up to a kilo of beans and presets to automatically grind up to 14 cups worth of coffee in a single go.
  • Easy to clean and maintain. The included cleaning tool and simple assembly means quick and easy cleaning. The burr mechanism is machined tightly, but does not collect excess grounds, meaning cleaning need be done once every few weeks instead of daily.
  • Australia-based customer support. We have been continuously disappointed with kitchen electronics in the past, even from tech giants like Nespresso. Part of that disappointment comes with poor or absent customer service. We tested Bonzachef on several occasions with questions and every time received proper replies within an hour. That demonstrates commitment to Australian market and contributes greatly to our award of Editor’s Pick.

Breville BCG820BSS Pro Coffee Grinder: A recognised name in coffee – $279.00 at →

Where to buy the Breville Pro electric coffee grinder in Australia

Breville are nearly synonymous with coffee, so it’s no wonder the badge ranks near the top. The BCG820BSS Pro is an excellent grinder with only minor faults, mostly to due with the overly complex controls and confusing menu structure.


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$279.00 at – 2-4 day delivery

Why Breville come in close second in our list of best electric coffee grinders

  • Excellent grinder capable of precision work. Breville know their coffee, and it shows in the Pro grinder. from coarse to fine, the result is consistent and flavorful when brewed. Various
  • Presets for every occasion. Espresso to standard drip, you will find presets to handle the proper ground quickly and efficiently. Breville do however stumble on the menu system for selection, more on this next.
  • Confusing digital interface . Some experiences need a more complex digital interface. Grinding coffee is not one of them. There are three primary selector buttons and one dial that in theory allow users to pick the desired result. It is confusing and unnecessary, and may also present future failure challenges.
  • Expensive for what Breville offer. While the Pro grinder is a fine piece of kit, it does not offer more than competitors half the price. There are only so many ways to grind coffee, and while Breville offer a quality output, you may be overpaying for the snazzy digital window dressing.

Cuisinart Burr Mill Coffee Grinder: Basic but effective approach to the daily grind – $124.00 at →

Where to buy the Cuisinart burr coffee grinder in Australia

Cuisinart make all forms of mixing and blending gadgets, and electric burr coffee grinders are the perfect space to put their experience on display. The Cuisinart coffee grinder is basic, but does the job well enough to rank toward the top of our list.


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$124.00 at – 2-4 day delivery

Why Cuisinart make our list of best electric coffee grinders

  • No nonsense approach to grinding. While not much to look at, Cuisinart offer a simple proposition: Pour beans in, set your coarseness level with the twist lever, and begin grinding. It’s a simple design that has held up for decades.
  • Dated design. That said, we would like to see some design improvement of any kind. The gear selector can be annoying to adjust should you frequently prepare different roasts.
  • Small grinding chamber may mean more work. Cuisinart promise enough grounds for up to 12 cups of coffee, but in practice you will want to add more to achieve a flavourful end product. The chamber needs be refilled frequently, which adds to daily hassles.
  • Use of cheaper materials despite relatively high price. Cuisinart have opted for cheaper plastics and faux metal finishes on their electric burr coffee grinder. It does not inspire confidence in the longevity of the product, or look particularly appealing on a countertop.

Sunbeam EM0700 Café Series Precision Grinder: Truly professional grinding and pro pricing – $250.00 at →

Where to buy the Sunbeam EM0700 Café coffee grinder in Australia

The Sunbeam Café Series relies on a gorgeous, design adapted from larger, more complex coffee house machines. But design can only get you so far, and Sunbeam have left out key features that are common in home grinding machines. Combined with a sky high price tag, this grinder may not be the best fit for daily users.


Please use our best value link if you intend to make a purchase. This directly supports our Australia-based staff of writers and editors.

$250.00 at – 2-4 day delivery

Why Sunbeam stumbles on features and value

  • Excellent marks for design and materials. The Café Series looks marvelous on any countertop, and delivers on the namesake coffee house vibe. Stainless steel and heavy gauge plastics are used throughout, offering a feeling of true quality.
  • Looks marvelous on any countertop. There is no doubt Sunbeam have created a beautiful machine that draws attention to any countertop. High grade polished stainless steel and a minimalist form stand out from the pack.
  • Cleaning is a chore. The burr mechanism inside the Sunbeam requires frequent cleaning. Depending on your usage level, that may mean multiple cleanings in one week.
  • Price is justified if you care about aesthetics. Though the price tag is high, coffee connoisseurs may be happy thanks to the true coffee house look of the product.

Runners-up: Best Electric Burr Coffee Grinder

There are many, many automatic coffee grinders in the Aussie market. And while we attempt to test as many as possible for our readers, some units simply don’t make the cut. Here’s a quick peek at electric burr coffee grinders that didn’t make the list.

Melitta Molino Coffee Grinder – $95.00 at →

Melitta are a storied restaurant and cafe brand, but ultimately fall short of other electric burr coffee grinders. The Molino looks interesting, but produces inconsistent grounds and is sized for basically single use with no real bean hopper to speak of.

Ariete Delonghi Electric Coffee Grinder – $250.00 at →

Ariete cut corners when creating the Delonghi grinder. From cheaper materials to an inconsistent and poorly calibrated burr mechanism, the Delonghi is a miss and should be avoided until improvements can be made.

CGOLDENWALL Electric Coffee Bean Grinder – $350.00 at →

The CGOLDENWALL electric burr grinder may look interesting, but offers a poor experience that includes frequent jamming, an inconsistent end product, and a difficult to see coarseness dial. Use of metal on the outside cannot make up for mechanical issues within.

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