The Best Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner In Australia 2024: Lightweight Multi-surface Uprights For Pets, Hardwood, And More [Updated]

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  Updated 4 May, 2024 by Matthew Miller, Consumer Technology Editor

Lightweight stick vacs are now a household essential. With improved battery life, suction power, and designs that eliminate pet hair and impossible to see dust mites a good stick vac can make household chores simple and efficient. But who makes the best cordless vacuum? Our list, updated monthly, will help you make the best decision.

Read this article written for the Australian market before making a purchase.

Walkabout Clear 2 Cordless Ultralight Stick Vacuum: Editor’s pick for best stick vac – $249.99 at →

Where to buy the Walkabout Clear 2 stick vac in Australia

The Clear 2 is Walkabout’s successor to the original. And thanks to improvements in battery life, portability, and suction power (particularly with pet hair) the Clear 2 is the best value in stick vacuums available today.


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$249.99 tax included at – free delivery

Why Walkabout earns top marks for best stick vacuum value from our team

  • Massive suction power in a portable design. With the same suction power as competitors three times the price, the Clear 2 offers more than enough hoovering capability to grab dust, hair, and debris with ease.
  • Light as a feather. Weighing in at just under 3 kilos, the Clear 2 won’t tire your arms and shoulders over longer cleaning sessions. That’s quite helpful when covering stairs or around corners.
  • Long battery life for larger spaces. Though the average cleaning session lasts 15-20 minutes, the Clear 2 offers a whopping 45 minutes of continuous use time. Give the small form factor, that averages 25% longer than competitors, a feature we genuinely appreciate.
  • Performs well against pet hair. Carpet and hardwood are no challenge for the Clear 2, however this handy stick vac shines when pitted against pet hair. Long hair or short, Clear 2 will not clog or lose suction power thanks to an innovative intake design that eliminates clogs.
  • Australia-based customer support. We have been continuously disappointed with vacuums in the past, even from giants like Dyson. Part of that disappointment comes with poor or absent customer service. We tested Walkabout on several occasions with questions and every time received proper replies within an hour. That demonstrates commitment to Australian market and contributes greatly to our award of Editor’s Pick.

Miele Triflex HX2: Cat And Dog Stick Vac With A Sky High Sticker Price – $1099.00 at →

Where to buy the Miele Triflex HX2 in Australia

Miele are a well known brand, and the Triflex HX2 is a quality product with all the bells and whistles. That said, the price is too high to offer a best in category value, and some aspects of the device left us wanting more.


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$1099.00 at – 2-4 day delivery

Why Miele makes the list of best stick vacuum cleaners

  • Excellent for pet hair. The Triflex HX2 was purpose built for pet hair, and it shows. No amount of pet hair – short or long – will clog this dynamo. That means pet owners will spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying their pets.
  • Top marks for suction power. Overall the Miele stick vac is powerful, albeit a bit loud. Suction is rated at similar or better levels than other competitors, and we trust a brand as reputable as Miele is not cutting corners when measuring suction.
  • Battery life is too short. The powerful suction comes at the cost of battery life. Averaging 20 minutes per charge, the HX2 leaves us wanting more for longer cleaning sections. On the plus side, a handy wall mount makes charging a breeze.
  • Exhausting to hold for long sessions. Miele’s stick vac weighs in at nearly 4 kilos, which is a bit much to haul around. Stairs can be particularly challenging, and those with arm or shoulder pain may want to avoid this model.

Bosch Unlimited Series 6 Stick Vac: Decent Cordless Power From A Trusted Name – $399.00 at →

Where to buy the Bosch Unlimited Series 6 cordless vacuum in Australia

Bosch have always maintained a good name in all around home appliance, and the Series 6 stick vacuum does not detract from the name. But a few key details hold Bosch back, including suction power and construction, which feels too cheap for the money.


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$399.00 at – 2-4 day delivery

Why Bosch make our list of best cordless stick vac

  • Decent suction power. Bosch have included a robust and powerful motor which handles dirt and debris as well as fine dust. The stick vac is also relatively quiet, and that offers more flexibility in not disturbing neighbors or other members of the household.
  • Lightweight and portable. With lightweight build, Bosch offer one of the most portable solutions in stick vacs. We had no problem lifting the Series 6 around the house, including up and down stairs.
  • Cheap build looks and feels flimsy. The Series 6 is built of mid grade ABS plastics, which look and feel cheaply put together. The vacuum creaks with pressure, and is somewhat wobbly when moving about the house. For the price, we expect better.
  • Not good for longer pet hair. Bosch offer a decent mid-priced product, however the Series 6 stick vac does not stand up well against longer pet (or human) hair. With constant clogs and jams, we can’t recommend it for those with furry friends.

Xiaomi Viomi A9: A Handheld Stick Vacuum Cleaner With Decent Power And Good Battery Life – $220.95 at →

Where to buy the Xiaomi Viomi A9 in Australia

Chinese brand Xiaomi has been innovating and delivering electronics products for just about every task. The Viomi A9 stick vac offers accessories and features galore, but may not be suitable for everyone due to noisy operation and reduced battery life.


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$220.95 at – 2-4 day delivery

Why Xiaomi stumble on features and value

  • Plenty of accessories for every space in the house. Xiaomi include a generous number of accessories to fit every nook and cranny, a welcome surprise from other brands that are often stingy with included part, or make you pay for more.
  • Lightweight and powerful. The A9 is lightweight and relatively powerful for the price. While operation is somewhat noisy, if you appreciate good suction power you may be willing to compromise.
  • Poor battery life. With a disappointing 20 minutes of average use time, the A9 comes in well behind the competition. This is counter to the brand’s claims of a much longer operating time, which is somewhat disingenuous.
  • Build is questionable. Using cheap plastics and strange design choices, the A9 does not feel as if it will stand the test of time. There are price considerations, however this product could stand to be improved.

Runners-up: Best Stick Vacuum Cleaner

There are many, many stick vacs in the Aussie market. And while we attempt to test as many as possible for our readers, some units simply don’t make the cut. Here’s a quick peek at cordless vacuums that didn’t make the list.

BLACK+DECKER Power Series: Lacking In Battery Life – $219.00 at →

Black+Decker offer many good household products, but the Power Series is not one of them. Poorly constructed and with limited battery life, this stick vacuum falls far behind competitors in the space. We’ll be watching for future updates from a well known badge.

Shark IZ363HT Anti-Allergen Pet Power: A Disappointing Showing For A Well Known Brand – $650.00 at →

Shark exploded onto the cleaning products scene with powerful and expensive offerings in a number of form factors. The IZ363HT promises pet-specific features, but falls flat when dealing with long pet hair. For the money, there are many better options that can tackle pet mess.

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